Our commitment to the planet

We care about the planet we live on and we want to protect it. For this reason, every day we are committed to changing our habits, to reduce waste and pollution. A change that is still ongoing and has many goals to achieve. Here’s what we are doing and what we want to do for the future of our planet.



To make a small contribution to reducing deforestation, we activated the online personal area, where each guest can do the online check-in and have always available in digital format the contract, the Rules and regulation, the invoices and other communications, such as the calendar of cleanings and of linen change.

To clean windows and surfaces we no longer use paper rolls, but we have chosen microfibre, washable and reusable materials.


To support guests, especially those from foreign countries, in the separate waste collection we have hung in each dorm detailed instructions with icons and English translation. In addition, the cleaning staff checks the contents of the buckets before throwing them into the bins.

Almost all the products that we use for the cleaning and sanitization of the dorms are marked Ecolabel EU, the ecologial quality label of the European Union. We decided to reduce the environmental impact, in compliance with minimum environmental criteria, while ensuring high performance standards.


We relied on suppliers who decided to support the environment, even in small daily gestures such as drinking coffee. In fact, the cups and coffee stirrers of the beverage distributors installed in the residences are biodegradable, compostable and 100% recyclable.

To reduce plastic consumption and CO2 emissions caused by the transport of bottled water, we use water dispensers that provide water at room temperature, hot water (for tea and infusion) and fresh water (good to taste in summer). The dispensers are connected to the water supply, so water is always available. You will no longer need to stock up on bottles at the supermarket. Currently the dispensers are in Crispi, Tanzi, Rosso, Lombroso, Villa Lauri and Cincinelli dorms.


By installing induction hobs in almost all kitchens, we are helping to reduce CO2 emissions. In addition, we eliminate the risks associated with gas or flame leaks and guarantee a higher efficiency than gas cookers.

Our maintenance staff uses equipment such as lawn mowers, riding lawn mower and brushcutters with a battery-powered engine instead of a combustion engine. This choice allows a completely eco-friendly and silent weed cleaning. The use of electrical equipment allows us to reduce CO2 emissions and waste pollutant such as filters and engine oil.


To reduce energy consumption, we are gradually replacing indoor neon and outdoor lamps with low consumption led bulbs. This also allows us to reduce waste, because the led bulbs have a longer life.

Inside the campus, in all residences and in the apartments we are installing new appliances with a more efficient energy class than those currently in use.

In the apartments we have installed smart thermostats that allow us to centrally adjust the heating and cooling systems, for optimal energy savings and to ensure a comfortable temperature throughout the house.